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From Bangkok to Pukhet

20/06/2011 | Bangkok | 6 Comments |

From Bangkok to Pukhet

We love Thailand and...

After a night flight from New Delhi (we took off at 3.30 AM! And for info, you are not allowed in the airport more than three hours in advance, but of course we were there at 6 PM having nowhere else to go), Bangkok welcomed us on May 30th.

Bangkok, you love it, you hate it or both, but you will never forget it.

Well… we actually wanted to name this article Paradise Bitch, but to avoid censure…

We stayed some days in the very cosmo Sukhumvit area, surrounded by luxury hotels, sex tourist holes, and the very nice and useful skytrain, in order to issue our Visas for China and Vietnam. Getting bored of this very business-like zone and wanting to join Sylvain downtown, we moved to the backpacker ghetto better known as Khao San Road. Walking this over-crowded road by night, brands everywhere, tourists being massaged in the sidewalks, people selling false ID’s, lady-boys in the restaurants, locals proposing ping-pong, banana games…

Of course we did some cultural visits also. Wat Pho, in the middle of the city, has one of the biggest temples around. There is the very impressive and beautiful reclining Buddha, 46 m long and 15 m high!!!!!

For dessert, just before leaving the city (where we will come back in two months or so), we got scammed by bloody mafia Thai experts. Quite an embarrassing experience when you realize you where stupid enough to fall into their extreme elaborated manipulation systems… makes you suspicious from everything.. jaja, well, it’s life!!!! We lost our innocence that day… so should not happen again.

Koh Tao! Night bus + an early morning ferry and we arrived to the Island. Jungles, turquoise waters and tones of fish were waiting for us. Koh Tao is very well known for (cheap) scuba diving. Of course, we enrolled to the open water course and got our SSI certification. For the moment we can only dive down to 18 meters… but we loved it SOOOOOO MUCHHHH, that we will have to pass the advance course next opportunity we see! Being under water is just like floating. You feel home yet you know you are only invited to the gorgeous world of marine life.

But life continues, and we changed our direction to Koh Phi Phi Don. No! The Island movie (with Leo) was filmed in Koh Phi-Phi Leh! Just in front. The visit is worth on a shiny sunny day if you are planning to do some snorkeling. So, let’s go back to Koh Phi Phi Don. Please AVOID Tonsai Village. Ferry’s arrive there, and it’s just like an open-air mall, huge, horrible, loud… but a sweaty walk to Hat Yao (or long beach) is worth all the paradise beaches in the world. One of the advantages of travelling in low season… there is nobody. So we spent 5 days in that beach, nice bungalow, swimming, playing, walking in the jungle…

Pukhet. Oh… Pukhet. Huge holiday resort, we don’t feel like coming back unless we take a 5 star package.

Besos a todos! 



  • by Cécile 22/06/2011 Notify

    Coucou les voyageurs ! Ici on pense régulièrement à vous, surtout quannd on a envie de s'évader et de rêver un peu.
    La plage paradisiaque doit être derrière vous maintenant mais l'aventure, c'est passionnant aussi ! Tout de bon et belles découvertes vous souhaitent Cécile and Co

  • by nicomel 09/07/2011 Notify

    Merci...nous aussi nous pensons a vous et sommes parfois un peu nostalgiques :-) L aventure continue... Good morning Vietnam!

  • by Déborah 02/10/2011 Notify

    Salut Mel! Cette etape en Thailande me rappelle d'excellents souvenirs :) La Suisse ne vous manque pas trop? Deja la moitié du voyage écoulé. Ca me parait loin ton depart de Suisse! Profitez à fond. Bisous

  • by nicomel 08/10/2011 Notify

    Deb!!! Ca me fait super plaisir d'avoir de tes nouvelles! Ben oui, 6 mois dans 2 jours! Ca passe tellement vite... la suisse nous manque bien sur, mais surtout au niveau de la bouffe! haha, actuellement en chine et ce n'est pas des fins gourmets par la... :) Nous venons de retourner de la mongolie qui a été juste magique. Toi comment ca va?

  • by Déborah 11/10/2011 Notify

    Coucou!! Ici tout va bien, je rentre de vacances, je me suis rapprochée de toi pendant 2 semaines: Maldives et Sri Lanka, c'était excellent mais bien sur trop court! C'est sympa votre blog, je regarde de tps en tps, c'est super ce que vous faites! Bon si la Suisse ne vous manque que pour la bouffe, c'est que vous passez de bons moments.Il parait que Costing a recu une carte de toi hier, il faut que j'aille voir ca demain! Bon je vais regarder tes photos de Mongolie avant d'aller me coucher, merci de me faire voyager, j'en ai besoin ;)

  • by nicomel 09/11/2011 Notify

    Tcho Deb! Wow... les Maldives j'en rêve.... Et le Sri Lanka tu as aimé? J'imagine que ca doit être des paysages de plantations de tés et bcp de couleurs.... Ei! Ca me fait plaisir que tu regardes les postales. Tes prochaines vacances.. c'est ou? qui sais.. on se croise peut-être! jaja. Bisous, Mel.

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