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Ho Chi Minh

22/07/2011 | | 0 Comment |

Ho Chi Minh

Cadoist Temple

What a huge city, after Cambodia and the Mekong Delta, we were a bit lost when arriving in a city of 8 million people with sky scrapers.

We did our traditional walking tour downtown in district 1 which is called Saigon even by locals (we love to visit places like that, you go slowly, stop whenever you want to and go in the direction you want to,…). Then we visited the war remnants museum which showed the horrors that people lived during the war against the United States. This museum is really impressive and shocking, we could see pictures of victims of bombs and chemical weapons (called orange agent), definitively not for sensitive souls…

Second day, we went for a day tour outside the city. The first sight we visited was the main Cadoist temple of the world which is called The Tây Ninh Holy See. This religion was established in 1926 and is a mixed between several religions such as catholic, Buddhism, Islamism,… We can easily see this mixture by admiring the architecture of the temple. Adherents engage in ethical practices such as veneration of ancestors (such as Victor Hugo for example), CRAZYYY!! We had the chance to see one of the four daily prayers, their singing gave a very particular atmosphere in this colorful temple!

Then we went to visit the touristy Cu Chi Tunnels. Used by the Vietcong to escape the enemy during the war, they built a 240km wide tunnel network going down to 15 meters deep, using bamboo sticks to have fresh air in the tunnels. We went  inside one tunnel especially made for tourists, so it was twice as big as the original ones, but still very small for us! We found this place a bit too made up for tourists, they even had a shooting range attraction where you can shoot with a Kalashnikov or other weapons, maybe they wanted to make the experience more real…??? But very impressive to understand the importance of the tunnel system, which gave the Vietcong victory vs. USA JI’s.



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22/07/2011 | chau doc | 0 Comment

Mekong Delta

Mekong DeltaAfter four hours of a « speed » boat trip on the Mekong River from Phnom Penh, we crossed the Vietnamese Border and arrived in Chau Doc. Small Town of 100’000 inhabitants, it’s very well known for its floating villages and market. We woke up very early the next morning (at around 5 AM, not used to it anymore J) to go and explore the life on the river ... Continue reading

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DalatWe could call this place the Switzerland of Vietnam, it looked like being in the Alps for us, and so we felt a bit nostalgic over there. This city was founded by the French who were escaping the heat of Saigon, we still feel the colonial heritage over there. The houses, sidewalks, fresh air (we needed long sleeves and rain coats in the evening), Eiffel Tour (which actually is an antenna), there ... Continue reading

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Nha Trang

Nha TrangAfter the mountain and the cold, the heat and a beautiful beach was welcoming us just after a 4 hours bus trip at approximately 25 kilometers an hour… we were feeling really safe in this bus!
Nothing much cultural to see, but a really beautiful beach and the Chinese sea was just beautiful. We did the four island tour during a day on a party boat ...
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Hoi An

Hoi AnWhat a precious little town, so quiet, so beautiful, you feel like being in a very romantic movie, very charming, at night there is even a pedestrian area… This French colonial style small town was completely rebuilt after the war, you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the old town as it is a world heritage site of Unesco.
We would definitively recommend this place for someone ...
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HueFormer Capital of Vietnam, Hué was also the Nguyen Emperors Capital city.

The city is full of historical sites, but we limited our tour to the imperial quarter in the citadel, where probably 80% of the buildings were totally destroyed. First by the Americans who together with the buildings took away thousands of life and as they said “destroy the city in order to save ...

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Halong Bay

Halong BayBack to Hanoi from Sapa, we left early morning to Halong Bay. After 4 hours in a minibus (driving very very slowly, this was funny!), we arrived in Halong international Harbour, where a magical scenery appeared to us.
Quickly after, we were on our boat. We booked the best Junk possible, as we wanted to be sure to have the best experience (we heard many horrible stories about cheap tours) ...
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