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23/03/2011 - 23/03/2011 | Switzerland | 0 article | 6 photos |

Notre VoYage

Wow !!! After mountains of words, passionate speeches, endless discussions, we finally decided we are doing it. Travel around the world for a year. Well… around the world not really. We had a Vision when planning the trip. And the Vision said : “Guys, don’t go to Japan, it is too expensive. Your budget will explode, and a Tsunami will clean-up your wallet”.  

The most difficult part was to quit. Quit everything. Jobs, give back the apartment, cancel our contracts and pay in advance our taxes!!!!!! But to say the truth, even after all this work, we don’t really realize our Dream becomes reality.  

One year… so long when you stay, so short when you leave. Hard to choose the places you want to go to. Time… our best and worst friend.

So, the list after details where we plan to go, even with dates!!! In case you want to join you are welcome, but as Lao Tzu says, “a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” Because what really makes the experience is the people you meet, the approaches and cultures you see, and above all, being able to share all this. 

1.-10.avrIndiaKochin, Mumbai, Rajastan, Agra, Varanasi….
2.-10.maiNepalTrek Annapurna
3.-22.maiIndia - Laddakh 
4.-30.maiBangkokVietman, Laos, Cambodge, Thailande
5.-03.septMongolia - China 
9.-29.décEastern Island 
10.-02.janvLatin AmericaPeru, Bolivia, norte de Chile, Patagonia Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba.


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  • Ajouté le 09/11/2011 sur From Bangkok to Pukhet

    Tcho Deb! Wow... les Maldives j'en rêve.... Et le Sri Lanka tu as aimé? J'imagine que ca doit être des paysages de plantations de tés et bcp de couleurs.... Ei! Ca me fait plaisir que tu regardes les postales. Tes prochaines vacances.. c'est ou? qui sais.. on se croise peut-être! jaja. Bisous, Mel.

  • Ajouté le 09/11/2011 sur Vue depuis notre auberge

    Yangshuo, au sud de la chine, un vrai paysage de rêve!

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